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Smoking kills
  • Smoking in Japan - A Unique Experience

    July 1, 2012 13:47 Richard S 2 comment
    Japan Cigarette Vending Machines

    Cigarette machines are everywhere!  Nowadays, you need to be a registered "smoker" to use the machines.  You need to have a TASPO (http://www.taspo.jp/english/index.html) card to swipe the machine with before it will allow you to purchase a pack of cigarettes…
  • Quit smoking with ecigarettes!

    July 1, 2012 13:19 Richard S comment
    Premium e-cigarette is the latest invention of human mankind in order to cut down on smoking and stay away from them. 

    In order to quit smoking just switch from the regular cigarettes to your e-cigarettes. Ecigarettes have various dosages of the nicotine in different cartridges that are…
  • Ways to Quit Smoking

    sometime Alex Pak 1 comment
    “With a Cigarette in hand, he felt like a man, with the cigarette in his hand he was actually a dead man"

    Short yet so true, cigarette smoking is more of a fad rather than a habit or a necessity. The pack of cigarette mandatorily carries the statutory warning saying that cigarette smoking…