Shenna Perri

Interior Design

March 27, 2015 10:43
Hey everyone, this is my first post and I wanted to write about the house makeover which I recently did. I was tired of all the old furniture and wall colors I had in the living room and bedrooms. I was looking for something modern and hip but still keeping everything on a budget. I have been checking magazines with beautiful home decor pictures. Once I decided my theme and style, I went ahead and bought furniture from . I love Ikea and I know I can trust them. 

Anyways, my next decision was to choose the colors for the walls. I chose a bright and friendly yellow color for the bedrooms and a warm beige for the living room. I don't like dark colors, makes the rooms a little too formal. I also went ahead and checked  as I love to have wallpaper borders on my walls and in my bathroom.

That was it! After carefully choosing a nice warm color for the walls, a few creative wallpaper borders and new furniture from Ikea, my house was 2015 ready!