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Here from Lift and on a mission

December 28, 2013 00:25 Christine Taylor Kight
I have arrived here at 42 Goals, having been a happy member of the Lift Habits community until today when I discovered I could no longer create new habits.  Perhaps the new programming changes there will make that app more useful for most, but I was not able to continue pursuing my specific goal and so I have moved on.

I am about to begin the 17th week of a 52 week journey, adding one new habit per week and continuing on with all the habits previously added.  I add my new habits evenly across 5 categories (one with two divisions) which are:

1.0 BRAIN - I wash my brain (In other words, I cleanse or renew it, by feeding it good and positive things to meditate on)

2.0 EXERCISE - I do a variety of exercise daily

3.0 WORK - I take delight in all of my daily duties and consider them my high calling

3.s SCHOOL - I am a homeschooling mother and work diligently to provide an invigorating learning environment for my children

4.0 SKINNY - I am currently overweight following my cessation of smoking over 2 years ago and am determined to return to a healthier, more comfortable and more attractive bodyweight

5.) ROUTINE - "I make smooth paths for my feet" by grouping activities and using cues to make my work more timely and efficient

I am not sure how one makes friends in this community nor where the interactions take place.  At Lift we gave each other props and made comments directly on the habit checkmarks.  I will have to learn how it is done here.